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Aroma Story

Established in 1988, Aroma System produces one-way degassing valves designed to restore the right pressure inside a hermetically sealed packaging. In over thirty years of experience, Aroma System has perfected and diversified its offer, resulting in the production of various capsule formats for both European and North American markets, now available in certified compostable materials as well.

Aroma Statement

We are committed to building a more sustainable future for people, businesses, and the planet. For this reason, we aim to use our expertise in bioplastics to create products that are aware of both the environment and business dynamics.

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Grazie alla partecipazione alla fiera GulFood svoltasi a Dubai l'Azienda ha potuto promuovere i propri prodotti innovati ed eco-compatibili nel mercato del food & beverage nel Medio Oriente.